How To Look Sharp In These 5 Casual Pieces


Who doesn’t love dressing up in casuals? With no rules or regulations, this style of attire gives you a lot of flexibility and liberty. However, if you are anything like me, the more options you have, the more overwhelming it gets. Of course, you could just throw on a t-shirt, pair of jeans and sneakers, and call it a day. But if you want to look refined and dapper in your casuals, then you might want to do more than just that. Casual wear is essentially anything that is comfortable, relaxed, and laid-back, which is intended to be worn for everyday use. This obviously excludes important events and office meetings. However, business casuals and (in some places) even smart casuals are allowed to be worn in offices. Today we’ll be discussing some tips on appropriately choosing and wearing some of the most essential pieces to rock this style.


This is definitely the most fundamental piece, that when worn correctly, can make you look extremely smart. Suppose you want to look put together and mature in your casuals. In that case, I’d suggest you lose the overly coloured graphic tees with puns or slogans. While they are fun, they also give off a childish and immature vibe. Moreover, they also lack versatility and can’t be worn everywhere. There are, however, some really chic and minimal graphic tee options that are incredibly stylish and can be incorporated into your wardrobe. Nevertheless, purchase some staple, crew neck, neutral t-shirts that will not only last you a long time but can be paired with multiple other pieces. Ensure to find your perfect fit; your t-shirt should hug your body well, not too loose that you look sloppy and not too tight that you look douchey. The bottom hem should be a few inches below the waist, and the sleeves should be roughly in the middle of your upper arm. It is a garment best left untucked. You can pair them up with other casual staples like dark jeans, khakis, sneakers, leather jackets, etc.

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Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are often overlooked due to their very corporate and uniform like appearance. Having its roots in tennis, polo shirts paved their way to other sports and corporate uniforms. They have since made it into mainstream media, increasing their popularity. It looks a little dressier than the t-shirt but definitely still in the casual realm. Your ideal polo shirt should have its bottom hem no farther than halfway down your pants’ fly and no higher than your hip. You should basically be able to tuck it in with ease, but it shouldn’t look awkward when left untucked. As for the sleeves, it should be at least halfway down your bicep but no longer than 2/3rd below your upper arm. The more fit your body type, the more close-fitting your polo shirts can be but keep in mind, it shouldn’t be too skin tight. You can pair them up with literally anything, denim and chukka boots, shorts and sneakers, or chinos and loafers. Don’t forget your watch and shades.

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Casual Shirts

The button-down casual shirts are yet another staple in a man’s everyday wardrobe. They are definitely more formal than t-shirts and polos and can hence be worn on a casual day to the office. Again, opt for more neutral and simple colours at first and build it up from there. Patterns are a big trend at the moment; maybe you want to lean towards that, but if you’re not comfortable, then stick to the basics. You can always dress-up and dress-down this piece of clothing with great ease throughout the day. Make sure they fit well. The collar shouldn’t be too tight that it pinches your skin, neither should it be too loose that it doesn’t touch the neck at all. The shoulder points should rest flawlessly at the rim of your shoulders and should be comfortable enough to move your arms freely. Ensure that the fabric doesn’t billow when you tuck it in and that there are no wrinkles around the buttons when you fasten them.

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Ah, the jeans! Since we all know and love this option, I’ll focus on giving some tips to make it look smarter. For starters, lose the baggy jeans, especially the ones that you wear below the waist. Whoever thought that was a good idea in the first place? Instead, invest in some good straight-leg ones that don’t pool at your ankle and properly fit you at the waist. You should definitely own a dark wash denim with no embellishments since they are very versatile. However, bleached denim, distressed jeans, or ones with prints and patches are cool as they allow you to be quirky and add personality. However, they wouldn’t be as versatile as a dark washed one, which you can pair up with any of the above mentioned top options. They also work well with a little more formal shoes than sneakers and are appropriate for business casuals for the workplace.

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Chinos are an excellent casual option for people who want to add colour to the bottom half of the outfit. They are both comfortable and stylish and can be worn as smart casuals or business casuals in and around the workplace. As usual, start off with the more common and neutral colours such as khaki, beige, navy, and grey, since they match almost all other colours. You can then build it up by adding colours such as mustard, army green, oxblood, pastels, etc. You can pair them up with anything that you’d wear with jeans, and it is guaranteed to add more flair to the look. They pair really well with patterned casual shirts. You can make them more dressy by adding on a blazer and loafers.

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