A Guide to Casual Shoes for Men

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While formal and semi-formal shoes can double as a casual option, especially when they are in suede or canvas materials, they might not work well with all casual attires. For instance, imagine wearing a Derby with shorts! I don't think most of us can pull off that look.  So what are the most appropriate casual footwear options? We're here to answer just that. Though it might not be as important as wearing the right articles during a formal event, the way you dress up on a casual day makes just as much impact.

Sneakers/Running Shoes/Trainers

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            I know, I know, they are all different from each other. But for the sake of this list and the functions they perform in a pure fashion sense, I've combined them. They are at the top of my list because they are a no-brainer. You can wear these shoes with any of your casual outfits, and you are good to go! Not just that, they also have the added benefit of being very comfortable to wear. The trainers and running shoes are definitely more athletic than your casual sneakers, making them a perfect addition to your athleisure looks. Sneakers are one of the most versatile shoes you can own since they can be worn with anything from slacks to shorts. There are no set rules to wear them, other than, of course, not wearing them to your workplace. All three of them come in a wide variety of colours, styles, and prints to perfectly match your outfits, which only adds to their versatility. You could choose to wear a bright coloured one to add a statement to your plain or patterned outfits, or even the very much trending white ones to match everything. If you feel bold and funky enough, you could even pair them up with a casual suit to add a more relaxed touch.

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Boat Shoes

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As the name suggests, they were initially made for seamen, but later adapted to more mainstream casual wear. They haven't changed a lot in style, which is honestly a good thing as they provide an excellent grip and look really stylish too! The soles are made of non-marking rubber, and distinct tread design to prevent people from skidding on boats, not to mention they are water-resistant. While these are the boat shoes' functional purposes, they are easily distinguished by the lace that goes around the entire shoe. They are made in leather as well as canvas and work flawlessly with shorts, jeans, and casually rolled-up trousers. I think it is a summertime staple and that everyone should own at least a brown boat shoe. The white sole is undoubtedly the most classic design, but now they come in various fun and quirky colors. Though they are typically worn without socks, you could always use a no-show one if you want. They are incredibly comfortable and resourceful, and a perfect addition to your wardrobe if you go out casually with friends and family often.

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Though not considered an essential addition to your wardrobe, if you live in a country like the UAE, it is always good to have a pair. However, if you live in a place with complex terrain or in the frigid area, boots are your best friends. Most boots hence have an origin based on military usage or working or voyaging in challenging landscapes. Not only are they highly practical, but they also win a lot of style points. There is a large variety of boots, such as Chelsea boots, chukka boots, hiker boots, desert boots, combat boots, and motorbike boots, to name a few. The wide variety in which they come makes them extremely flexible as well. For instance, the boots with brogue or wingtip or chukka and Chelsea boots can be worn as semi-formal options on a relaxed workday when you don't have important meetings. They pair exceptionally well with chinos and jeans. Then we have the combat and hiking ones, which is perfect if you are a person whose life revolves around such activities that need you to get down and dirty. But it has also been adapted to casual streetwear to add a more rugged look to your outfits.

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Finally, we reach the end of the list with sandals. These here are a bit controversial. Depending on who you ask, they tend to either love it or hate it. True, they look like you haven't paid enough attention to your footwear, which could ruin your entire outfit if not worn properly. But if you are on the other end of the spectrum where you don't really care as much about the way you look but rather dress for comfort, then you will love it! I know people belonging to both groups, some who wear it religiously everywhere, from summer to winter (I know!) and others who only wear them at home. Regardless, they are the ultimate "running for errands" footwear; they are usually durable and come in earthy tones. However, sandals have now evolved in fashion, and there are more selections to choose from. You can even spot fashion enthusiasts pairing them up with a wide range of outfits. They are most often worn with shorts though people do throw them on with jeans. Suppose you are from an Arab country like the UAE or a south-east Asian one like India. In that case, you have most definitely seen your grandfathers, father, and uncles wear sandals as staple footwear with their ethnic outfits.

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