What is a bomber jacket?

Bomber Jackets

A short jacket tightly gathered at the waist and cuffs by elasticated bands and typically having a zip front. 

Bomber jackets are very comfortable due to their bulky nature. It has saggy/loose armholes with elastic ribs and hem, which makes it really convenient for fighting pilots to be more agile. The bomber jackets were first introduced in WWII for pilots. hence it is also called pilot jackets.

How to wear bomber jackets? 

The bomber is really easy to wear well as long as you stick to a clean, minimal shape; lots of zips and snaps can look retro or costumey. Go for a nonshiny fabric like wool or cotton, in a block colour without large logos or contrasting trims. If the bottom of the jacket hits your hip-bone, it's the perfect length: any longer or shorter and the jacket isn't as flattering. Wear a bomber with classic casual clothes like shirts, t-shirts, jeans, chinos, and leather shoes and you've got a foolproof casual look.

When to wear bomber jackets?

A bomber jacket can make an excellent choice for both casual and smart-casual occasions. All you need to do is pick the right style and tailor the rest of your look to suit.

Casual Occasions

When it comes to casual occasions, a bomber jacket makes a perfect outerwear choice and can easily be worn with jeans, chinos or casual trousers. On top, a T-shirt is ideal for warmer weather or a sweatshirt can work if it’s cold. As for footwear, sneakers are a natural choice and pair excellently with any style of a bomber jacket.

Smart Casual Occasions

It may not be your usual selection, but a bomber jacket can make a fantastic option for a smart casual occasion. Just select a sophisticated style in a neutral colour, such as black. To do so, try pairing your bomber with a collared shirt and pair of chinos or trousers. When it comes to footwear, opt for something that’s formal without feeling too dressy, such as leather trainers, loafers or suede derby shoes.

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