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Bags, Bags, Bags, BAGS! Like many other articles in the apparel department, bags have also evolved from fulfilling their basic functions to making a statement and expressing oneself. As essential as they are, they come in so many different styles and silhouettes, making it a little overwhelming to choose the ones that you really need. From the everyday shoulder bags to bucket bags, there are many options for everyone out there. In this article, however, we’ll be tackling the 5 most essential and classic bags that everybody needs to have.

Tote Bag

brown leather tote bag

A roomy tote bag is an absolute necessity in one’s wardrobe. It is one of the most popular and recognised bag silhouettes, and rightfully so! What’s not to love? It is simple, chic, and spacious enough to fit a mini house. Seriously though, you can take it to the grocery for carrying all your purchased items, the beach to keep your swimwear, sunscreen, and towels, or to work to keep your laptop and a pair of flats. All this with room to store your daily essentials such as wallets, phone, make-up bag, etc. They are built to make it easy to stash and access all the items, though there are varieties such as open-top, zip-top, and even magnetic closures.

Check out this Open-Top Tote bag by Marks and Spencer if you are someone who has a lot of places to be in one day. It is very minimal in style and made out of 100% leather, which gives a sleek, classy, and formal finish to an otherwise casual bag, making it perfect for both leisure and work. Pair it with a shirt and denim, a casual dress, or even with your semi-formal outfits for work. The brown colour works well with other neutrals such as black, white, tan, blush, navy, or jungle green.

Styling inspiration:

brown leather tote bag              brown leather tote bag              brown leather tote bag


brown leather backpack

I absolutely love backpacks! They are extremely practical and stylish. I must admit, though, they are more appropriate for casual and sometimes smart casual outfits. But nothing (in my opinion) can beat the comfort and the functionality of a backpack. They combine the spaciousness of a tote bag and the hands-free experience of a crossbody bag. The cherry on the top is that there is an equal distribution of weight on both shoulders, meaning that no one shoulder has to endure all the pain. They are available in all sorts of sizes and silhouettes after famous brands and labels have taken over the challenge of making them more stylish (yay!). There even exist some ridiculously tiny options that are absolutely adorable (but obviously not practical).

I prefer a more utilitarian and sleek option, such as this Backpack by Tory Burch. It has a drawstring closure, and while it’s on the larger side of the spectrum size-wise, it is still smaller than your average backpack. I have to confess, I’ve been loving these ever since I noticed Emma Stone carrying around a similar one almost everywhere! It is appropriate as a daily office bag to carry your files, laptop, etc., while also being your perfect travel companion at the airport or on your day out exploring.

Styling inspiration:

brown leather backpack              brown leather backpack              brown leather backpack

Crossbody Bag


nude leather crossbody bag                  blue leather crossbody bag

Now, a crossbody bag is not its own style of bag but rather an umbrella term for any bag with a long enough strap that can hang across your body from the shoulder. Similar to the backpack, they offer a hands-free experience for carrying your necessities while not restricting movement. But unlike the backpack, you only have to reach to the side to access your items, making it much more convenient. Imagine you’re touring a new city, taking photographs, or shopping for the perfect apples to make your pie; you don’t want a bag to weigh you down. Crossbody bags are perfect for situations such as these. They stay on more securely than a shoulder bag and are more chic than a backpack.

The Nude Crossbody Bag by Tory Burch is fitting if you only have a few essentials to carry. The muted and neutral colour matches well with outfits of any colour. Whereas, the Crossbody Bag in Powder Blue by Marks and Spencer is roomy enough when you might have to carry more items. It is ideal for office and works brilliantly with white, black or grey and other pastel colours.

Styling inspiration:

blue leather crossbody bag              nude leather crossbody bag              blue leather crossbody bag

Clutch Bag

black and gold leather clutch bag

What a clutch bag doesn’t offer its selection of size, it makes up for it in its versatility. It is a perfect grab-and-go bag for carrying all your essentials, no matter where you have to be. Brunch with friends, run some errands, office meetings, dinner date, or drinks with friends, this bag has got you covered. Many people mistake it for a wallet due to its petite size. The main difference is that while your wallet holds your cash, cards, and IDs, the clutch has room for your phone, keys, and other essentials such as lipstick, sanitiser, napkins, etc. They come in different silhouettes from more boxy and structured ones to more slouchy and casual ones. It’s best suited for more dressy events where you won’t usually have a lot to carry, and don’t want to take away the attention from your outfit with a big bag.

Try the Black and Gold Clutch Bag by Audash if you are looking for a more relaxed clutch bag to last you throughout the day. While the silhouette is day-appropriate, the shimmery gold accent makes it an excellent nighttime option. It will pair well with anything from a leopard print outfit to a deep red dress.

Styling inspiration:

black leather clutch bag              black leather clutch bag              black leather clutch bag

Top Handle Bag

black and white leather top hand bag                  blush leather top hand bag

These bags make me feel like a classy fashionista at any time of the day! There is something about carrying this bag that makes me feel like I’m Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. They are very structural, elegant, and dare I say classic. Most of the vintage handbags are of the top handle variety. As we all know, fashion is cyclic, and personally, I’m here for this! Although they are vintage-inspired, they are nothing if not chic. They come in all sorts of sizes, from large enough to carry an umbrella amongst other items, to micro ones to carry only the essentials. They are also available in a variety of materials and shapes. Top handle bags are very appropriate if you want to dress up for an occasion and add some glam.

Check out this Black and White Top Handle Bag by Aspinal of London if you are looking to add a vintage touch to your outfit. Now, if you are in the lookout for a more modern one, try the Blush Top Handle Bag also by Aspinal of London. They both come with an attached strap that can quickly turn them into a sling or crossbody bag if your hands are full or hurting. While they are both similar in silhouette, the latter is a micro design with more details on the leather.

Styling inspiration:

black and white top hanf bag              black and white top hand bag              blush top hand bag

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