6 Tactics To Make Shopping For Kids Easy

Let’s be honest, how many of us here find it overwhelming to buy clothes for kids? I know I do! From finding an outfit that looks cute and trendy to ensuring that it doesn’t irritate the kid’s skin (or their temperament), there are many factors to consider. Now, if it’s a gift, then it’s not just the kids you have to impress; it’s also the parents. The pressure is real with this one, you guys! But as always, we’ll be going through some tips and tricks that will help you get through this. Let get right on to it, shall we?

Meet in the Middle

It is no secret that kids live in a different world than us. They are filled with imagination, creativity, and unconventional thoughts. This might obviously reflect in the everyday things they do, such as clothing. They would want to break all the rules by mixing and matching anything and everything. But as adults, we might see problems with it such as, probably the clothes they want to wear might not be weather appropriate, or even occasion appropriate. So what do we do here? We do not want to dampen their spirits, but neither do we want to dress them up in something inappropriate. Here’s where you compromise, maybe choose outfits that have similar colour or patterns as the one the kids like but in a more appropriate fabric. Or assure them that the clothes they like can be bought for a different occasion. Communication is critical, guys.

Don’t fall prey to Highly Gender Focused clothing

I’m sure by now everyone must have noticed how gendered the clothes are for kids. When you turn to the boys’ section, it’s filled with action heroes, dinosaurs, or sports related outfits. Their colours also tend to be somewhat sombre, like blue, green, or brown. It is the polar opposite with the girls, princesses, butterflies, rainbows, and flowers in pink, orange, and yellow. In this day and age, we know better than to enforce such stereotypical clothing styles. So keeping in tangent with the previous point, let your kids wear what they want. Your boy wants to wear a pink outfit with flowers, then why not? Moreover, it is also advisable to purchase more unisex clothing with neutral colours that can be repurposed for different occasions and can be handed down to others.

Try keeping it Low-Key for Special Occasions

Kids grow at a very fast rate. This is something to keep in mind whenever purchasing clothes. Holiday seasons such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter, might tempt parents to buy very themed outfits for their kids. Now, if you want to strategic, I would advise you against it. I know this is a little controversial, but let me explain. As mentioned, kids tend to outgrow their clothes quickly, so the Christmas sweater or the bunny onesie you bought this year might not fit them the next year around. When outfits are very theme-specific, it would be harder to repeat them some other time. But of course, we don’t want to spoil the spirits of the celebration. Instead, opt for outfits that are not specific to the occasion but maybe give the nod to it. For instance, consider a pastel-coloured or spring-themed clothing for easter, sweaters in the Christmas colours, etc. You can then accessorise them with bunny ears, reindeer ears, or whatever the occasion calls for. This will also make it easier to hand down clothes.

Accept Hand-Me-Downs and Hand Down Yours too

As mentioned in the previous two points, I love a good hand me down deal. Thrifting is also a good option, but I have my concerns with that. But hand me downs are fantastic for kids in the same family or even your close friends. At the rate that children grow, they don’t usually get to wear all those cute outfits a lot, and unlike us adults, they don’t do a lot in them. So most of their clothes remain almost as good as the day you bought them. So what do you do with these clothes? Donating is observably the most common option. But if you are anything like my mom or hers, you would keep them for any kids you’re planning to have in the future or give it to friends and family with kids around the same age. This is great as you get clothes in good condition, from the people you know, for free! Some points that could help the process are considering gender-neutral clothing, more basic pieces, and non-season specific outfits. Remember, you can always accessorise to personalise the looks.

Pay Attention to Details

Two of the main things that I look out for when purchasing kids’ clothes are the size and fabric. After all, you don’t want to put them in clothes that they will outgrow fast or in materials that will irritate their sensitive skin. Likewise, it is also essential to ensure the quality of tiny details in the garments. This would include checking if the elements such as buttons are correctly fastened. You don’t want them to be poorly stitched since small things could pose a choking hazard for tiny kids. Also, be mindful when purchasing complicated designs with long strings or fringes since they could pose a threat of strangulation. Another critical factor to check would be the seams since you want to ensure the highest quality clothing for your little ones. Give the clothes a gentle tug at the seams to ensure that while they give room for some growth, they won’t come undone after a few wears.

Shop Online

If you have gone shopping with kids in malls, you know how tiring it can be! They get distracted, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, and overwhelmed really quick. While it is imperative that they experience these things to adjust to it, you might sometimes be too tired to handle it. Well lucky for you, everything is online now. You can easily purchase items from your favourite stores online when you feel drained but have to shop for your kids for an upcoming event. There are so many other benefits of shopping online. However, the major drawback has to be that you cannot check the items yourself before buying. So make sure to check the product descriptions and reviews for better results.

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