5 Easy Tips On How To Wear Patterns Like A Pro

Most of us tend to stick with the safer choices of plain and neutral outfits when going about our day. I mean, how many of us have tried wearing prints and failed miserably? It is hard to hit the nail on this one because there are so many ways that it could go wrong! But, it is also conflicting because when you see others pull it off, you also want to join the tribe. Honestly, I feel you. So here I’ve combined five easy ways to wear prints like a pro.

Stick with Neutral Colours

If you are only starting out, you may feel more comfortable with mixing patterns in neutral colours. Trying to combine both colours and designs can be a little too overwhelming if you’re new to this. Luckily, prints add enough visual interest to compensate for the lack of bright colours. Try pairing this black and white printed blouse by Eli with another black and white patterned bottoms. The critical thing to remember is to switch up the main colours in the top and bottom. In this top, white is more prominent, so the bottom should have more black.

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Pair it with Solids or Prints of the Same Colour

This is the easiest way to get prints right. Picking up colours from a piece of clothing that is printed and matching it for the rest of the outfit is a fool-proof way to start wearing prints. For instance, let’s consider this beautiful floral blouse by Lee. The prominent colours here include red, blue, and yellow. Hence, this top would pair beautifully with a plain blue skirt or a patterned bottom with red or yellow in it. As mentioned before, try to balance out the colours on the other half of the outfit.

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Pair it with Neutral Patterns

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Polka dots and stripes are all considered neutral patterns, i.e., they can be paired with anything, and it will look good. They are the equivalent of good denim, black leather, or white shirt. This means you should have no problem matching this striped top by Eli with any other patterns. Try it out with the polka dot or any other print. Just remember to wear similar or complementary colours.

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Vary the Sizes and Spacing of the Patterns

This is a VERY IMPORTANT point! Whether you’re wearing the same patterns throughout or different patterns, ensure that the print size and spacing is not the same. Now, don’t ask me the reason behind it. All I know is it doesn’t look good that way. This should be emphasised when wearing the same patterns. For example, let’s consider this printed off-the-shoulder top by Beach Lunch Lounge. The print here is small and close together. So if you were to match it with a printed bottom, the pattern should be larger and spaced far from each other.

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Use your Graphic Tees

This is my favourite thing to do. I love pairing up my graphic tees with bright coloured and printed bottoms. It is very effortless since graphic tees combine a happy medium between pattern and non-pattern. While the graphics add visual interest of print, the rest of the tee is usually plain enough to keep things simple. This leopard print by Ann Taylor will pair seamlessly with a black graphic t-shirt. It also helps add an edge to the entire outfit.

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