Ladies! The summer is here! You know what that means, it’s the NO PANTS SEASON!!! Now don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent summer pant options, but that’s a topic for another day. Most of us can agree that dresses are much more convenient than pants or trousers. For instance, you don’t have to go through your entire wardrobe, trying to find a matching bottom for your top. Oh, and the relief it provides of not having to put on a gazillion pants before finding a one that actually fits your waist and thighs and is of the perfect length! Moreover, it is also very comfortable, airy, easy to wash, has a lot of options, and is not motion restrictive. Honestly, I can go on forever! But for now, let’s jump on to our list of 5 casual summer dresses you can wear this season.

Button Front Dress

Literally, everyone has been sporting this dress in the last few years, and they have paved their way to the bestselling sections of some of the leading apparel brands. It has become one of the most trending summer dresses, and rightfully so! The buttons in the front almost give it a vintage touch (remember those beautiful skirts of the ’40s and ’50s?), and it comes in chic patterns. Not only does it provide the best of both worlds, but the dress is also incredibly breezy. Plus, you can always undo the bottom few buttons to create a faux front-slit effect.

Check out this Striped Black and White Button Front Dress by Topshop. This sleeveless midi-length number is made of 100% viscose, which breathes well in the hot and humid conditions, making it an excellent choice for this summer. The neutral colours and basic patterns make it a perfect choice for someone with a minimalist aesthetic. The vertical stripes elongate your body, and you can accessorise according to the event. Pair it with sneakers or sandals and a tan or brown bag for a casual day out. Try on some wedges and a more structured straw/bamboo bag for a dressy casual look. Dainty jewellery like necklaces or stacked bracelets work nicely with the dress as well. Don’t forget the shades!

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Cut-Out Tie-Front Dress

Another trendy dress that has been gaining a lot of popularity is the cut-out tie-front dress. I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of fashion bloggers slaying in them. Both cut-out and tie-front trends have been around for many years. The tie-front can be seen on different clothing items from swimwear to tops, while the cut-out dresses are notorious for making its uses look sexy with the strategically placed cut-outs. But the combination of these two has provided us with a more fresh design. The dress dials down on the sultriness as it’s less revealing and makes it more playful, youthful, and flirty. The knot provides a perfect cinch detail giving it a fantastic silhouette that will flatter anyone.

Try this Cut-Out Tie-Front Dress by Blue Steel. While the plum colour does not scream summer, the details of the dress, such as the eyelet embroidery and it being 100% cotton and sleeveless, makes it totally appropriate for the season. You can go for a monochromatic look by accessorising with blush or lavender shoes and bags. Or you can opt for more contrasting colour options such as white or yellow.

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Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Ah! Here comes the all-time favourite summer dress option, the off-the-shoulder dress! Actually, let me correct myself; some people don’t really like it as much due to the ever slipping, non-supportive strapless bras and the restrictions it puts on moving our arms. However, I’ve seen many people flaunt this style over the years, and how could they not? The neckline highlights your collarbones and shows off just enough skin to add a sensual and flirty element.

This 100% cotton Chelsea and Theodore Off-the-Shoulder Dress is an absolute steal for the season. The almost tribal-looking patterns on it combined with the ruffle detail gives the dress a bohemian feel. Although, the colours are a lot cooler as opposed to the traditional warm tones of the bohemian aesthetic. Not only do the ruffles add a chic element, but it could also help conceal if you’re going braless. Now, it goes without saying that the best advantage of this dress style is that the neckline allows you to show off your necklaces, chokers, or earrings. I personally love to throw on a pair of big tassel earrings, or other statement pieces, that bring out the colours in the dress. Of course, you can also choose to wear simple styles of jewellery.

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Floral Dress

Anything floral is my favourite! These prints have been trending for so many years now, and personally, I don’t think they are going any time soon. Afterall, why mess with perfection? While breezy floral dresses are more of a staple springtime outfit, it is also well sought out during the summer. It’s cliché yet classic. Everybody loves flowers; it represents joy, celebration, love, new beginnings, amongst many other positive connotations. These dresses are very versatile in the shape, size, type, and bloom of the flowers (along with the different dress silhouettes, of course).

Marhabha offers a variety of floral dresses. However, I am biased to the Floral Dress by Gap. It made up of 100% viscose material, which keeps it breathable, light, and airy for the summer. The cinch at the waist provides structure to the otherwise flowy dress. You can pair it up with dainty jewellery, wristwatch, sandals, or sneakers with a satchel to throw in your essentials, and you’re ready for your brunch with friends. The floral pattern provides enough texture, so I would say keep it simple on the accessories. But hey, if you can pull off bold, colourful pieces, then why not?

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White Dress

A simple white dress is not a summer statement piece, right? Wrong! I believe it is the LBD of the sunny days, a summer essential. It is appropriate for almost every summer occasion and gives you a crisp and fresh appearance. I know that we must all be a little too cautious while wearing an all-white outfit, but trust me, it’s worth it. A white summer dress is a no-brainer; we know it is the perfect colour for summer as it doesn’t absorb heat (shout out to middle school science!). Also since there is no actual colour, it gives you so much freedom to experiment with fabrics, styles, and accessories.

For instance, this All White Dress by Kaporal has textures, embroidery, and a silhouette that gives it a bohemian vibe. It is perfect for a casual day out to the beach, a picnic, or even brunch. You can accessorise with gold accents for a classic look, or experiment by adding pops of colours. You can also wear it over a white button-down shirt to add more structure and add on a nude or white pump. Or you could make it more casual and lean into the boho aspect and pair it up with a straw hat,  jute bag, sandals, or some statement jewellery. The options are endless with this one!

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