Women Business Casual Waer

Women Business Casual in UAE

The easiest way to think of business casual is a mix of business professional and casual wear. Business casual is not wearing a full-on suit, but a strapless sundress with flip-flops are not appropriate. It’s more about mixing elements of more formal business attire, like a blazer, suit skirt or pants in neutral colors with more casual pieces like a patterned shell top or leopard print flats.

For the majority of companies, business attire is a daily requirement and some require business casual. In an evolving country like UAE, that has mixed of races, cultures, and people. We may see different styles on how they dress up for work. So, understanding how to put together stylish work outfits is essential if you don’t work from home.
I have a few photos that will give you an idea of how to pull a business casual look that you will look chic in your office. Starting with essential pieces in neutral colors and then adding pops of color not only allow you to bring some life.
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It’s wise to have the majority of your main business clothing in neutral colors: black, gray, navy, brown, beige, and white. 

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Add personality to your office outfits but you will also get a lot of use from your essential pieces. You could wear a pair of gray trousers two to three times a week and swap the top and accessories. If you get a pair of bright printed pants, you would only get away with wearing them once in a while as they would be very memorable. 

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