Benefits of Bulk Buying that Everyone Needs to Know!

Bulk Buying

Bulk purchasing is the term for buying items in a larger quantity from a merchant. Although it has been around for a very long time, most businesses have recently started to include the option of buying in bulk for their customers. So does it have any specific advantages that make it better than buying items individually? Of course, it does! We’re here to let you in on the benefits of purchasing in bulk.

Low Unit Price

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The most apparent advantage of purchasing items in bulk is the lower unit price. The amount for the individual item you are buying is reduced, providing you more for the money you pay. The reduced packaging and absence of elaborate branding make the products cheaper. Hot Tip – Online shops cost much lesser since they don’t have to rent physical stores to showcase their products or employees to take care of said shops. Thus they have fewer expenses, which will not be accounted for in the bulk pricing.

Low Transportation Costs

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This one is pretty straightforward. Since you purchase many items in one go, you will be paying the delivery/shipping charges for that one trip. Whereas, when buying items in lower quantities, you will have to pay every time a particular product is delivered. Besides, the reduced packaging also indicates that fewer items need to be produced and transported to the merchant, which reduces their overhead prices.

Environment Friendly

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As discussed above, bulk orders don’t require excessive and fancy packaging as part of branding. Neither does it demand frequent shipping, all of which benefit the environment. This reduces the total carbon footprint since fewer materials end up in landfills, and less vehicular smoke is released into the atmosphere. Moreover, less plastic ends up in water bodies, fewer trees are cut down, and there is reduced use of fossil fuels. After all, some of the main reasons for endangered species are environmental pollution, overexploitation of resources, and habitat loss. A single drop makes a mighty ocean; every small act counts.

Competitive Advantage

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When you purchase items at a cheaper rate, you get to sell it at a more affordable rate. This will provide you a competitive advantage in pricing compared to other companies in the same industry. Ultimately attracting more customers, which will increase your profits! Obviously, you don’t have to pass on all of your savings, but just enough to gain a competitive edge and attract customers. Moreover, you also reduce the risk of running out of products for your customers. Happy Customers = Successful Business. We all know the power of a good Word of Mouth by customers.

Some things to keep in mind before buying in bulk include:

  1. Ensure that you have a proper storage facility to house all the bulk purchases.
  2. Start purchasing in bulk gradually.
  3. Don’t indulge in impulsive purchases.
  4. Try out the individual item before buying it in bulk.

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Fashion Apparel is usually bought in bulk for the following reasons:

  1. Businesses – For retail purposes.
  2. Schools – For uniformity during specific programmes such as inter-school competitions.
  3. Sports Teams – Again, for uniformity, which will lead to a stronger sense of group identity.
  4. Offices/Other organisations – To represent the organisation in various events.

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