10 Ways to Make your Life Easy with Online Shopping

Did you know that the e-commerce industry's sales are estimated to reach USD 4.2 trillion by the end of 2020? There has been a massive growth in the online retail and wholesale business over the past decade. I'm sure we can all think of a few reasons why this once novel idea has become such a popular trend these days. Starting with the convenience of staying in your house to saving money, the motivations are plenty. So let's hop right into 10 reasons why online shopping is the best.

Online shopping
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Shop Anytime, Anywhere

Of course, this is the first and most important advantage of shopping online. Online stores are available 24/7, making it so much more convenient for us to do our shopping. Have an important event coming up but no time to go out shopping after your hectic schedule? Shop online! You're just a few clicks away from getting your perfect outfit, including the clothes, shoes, accessories, everything. Shop at the comfort of your home, during lunch break, or on your way back from the office. 

Find Items Easily

One of the major perks of online shopping is how easy it is to find the item you are looking for. No matter how quirky it is, you will find it online. All you have to do it use a search engine like Google and type in the item you're searching for. Sure, there might be things that are hard to find, but at least it gets done in a few clicks! You can browse through tens and hundreds of products in just a matter of a few minutes. As opposed to physically going from shop to shop and scouring the entire place. Online shops also have the filter feature and search bars, which allow you to narrow down the list of items to find exactly what you need. It's that simple!

More Selection

The internet marketplace is not limited to just one geographic area. You can search for and buy products from all around the world! Provided that they have an online store, of course. This allows you to follow trends from across the globe without having to spend a fortune on plane tickets, hotel stay, and other travelling expenses. Even for shops in your own locale, if they have an online shop, make sure to check it out. There ought to be many more items than the ones displayed in the physical shop. This is because they don't have to restrain themselves from fitting their products within four walls and presenting them aesthetically. The stock online is more abundant, giving you a more comprehensive range of items to choose from. You can find articles from the last season, the ones in broken sizes or lower quantity at online stores.


Online shops offer a wide range of discounts to prompt their customers to buy. Apart from the sales and promotions, the most common offers include first purchase discount, discounts when paying by card, free shipping, etc. Online stores use this as part of their marketing campaign to entice more people to purchase from the online store. A huge trend now involves influencers promoting products and companies with coupon codes that give you a discount when purchasing from them. Moreover, many third-party retailers, coupons, and discounts websites help you get much better deals when you shop online rather than in physical stores.

Better Prices

Even without the discounts and coupons, online stores still have much cheaper items than physical shops. This is because they don't have to rent a store to display their products, get additional staff to manage that store, pay other utility bills, etc. So, the overhead expenses of the online stores are much less compared to physical store owners. These factors weigh in on the pricing of products, fewer expenses to pay for, indicates cheaper products.

Compare Prices

Another advantage of online shopping is comparing prices from different stores without having to go back and forth between stores. Have multiple tabs open on your browser with various websites, compare their prices, and purchase the one you like. How easy is that? There are even websites and browser extensions that do this for you. The most famous example would be Trivago, which allows you to compare the prices of different hotels with the requirements you're looking for and provides you the best option.

Gifting Made Easy

How many of us have friends and relatives scattered around the globe? I know I do. Online shopping makes it very convenient for us to send them gifts on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. You don't have to worry about the wrapping, shipping, and other minute troubles. All you have to do is choose the item and pay for it. You can also check for online stores in the region of your dear ones to reduce extra shipping costs. Remembered just now that tomorrow is your niece's graduation? Shop right away. Or worse, missed the occasion completely? Blame it on the shipping delay.

More Control over your Purchase

Are you an awkward person like me? Do you feel conscious about buying certain things in front of others? Or do you feel guilty of not purchasing anything at all from a store? First of all, we shouldn't feel that way since it's nobody's concern what we buy or don't buy. But if you still have that nagging feeling, then worry no more. You can shop online in the privacy of your home or any other place where you are comfortable without thinking about whether or not others are judging you. You have more control over what you purchase, especially without the sales staff prompting you to buy other items. You can buy whatever you like, or leave the website if you're not interested, without feeling like you've let anyone down.

Avoid Crowds

We're all well aware of the hassle of going to the mall on a sale day. Getting past the traffic, finding parking, navigating through the crowd, hoping that the item you want is not sold out, standing in long queues to make the purchase; what a nightmare! Instead, with online shopping, you can sit back, relax with your favourite drink and have a more soothing experience. Also, it's a blessing in the time of pandemics like the Covid-19. Online shopping helps you reduce the chances of contracting the virus. You can pay by card online and easily practice social distancing and other precautionary methods when things get delivered home.

Review System

One of the best features of online shopping is the ability to leave comments and reviews about the product, service, or the company itself. It helps you get a better idea of the company and what it's selling. They can be reviews from customers or experts. Either way, it provides you with the necessary details. The trustworthiness and authenticity of the company can be easily validated through this. It also helps you review the products or services and voice your concerns. Word of mouth is a potent tool, and companies know it. Have a problem with the product or service? Say it! It is more probable that the company will settle your issue if you make a statement in their public accounts rather than private chats and emails. Not only are you fixing your problem, you will also be helping future customers.

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