Where to buy affordable clothes online in UAE?


Online shop in UAE

When you buy clothes in UAE, we always search on the internet which shops offer the best prices that give us more value of our money. As an ex-pat in the UAE, I am always looking at ways where I can save and buy more items that I can send to my family. I’ve gone to mall sales, event sales, and outlet shops. Where I stay on ques just to get a chance to look at branded items that are on sale.

When you are on a limited budget, you don’t want to miss out on any sales announcement and be on the store early. Sometimes going to one store to the other is tiring, so I need to be a smart shopper. Online shops in the UAE have been sprouting within the last 2 years which offer also discounts. I have signed up on different online shop websites where I can buy clothes, buy bags, buy accessories, buy shoes in UAE.

I am hesitant to buy online since I have read many incidents that the items are fake, some received damaged items, some have an experience that their card was deducted with the wrong amount. With all the cases that I have read online I don’t want to try and just to go back to the traditional way of shopping.

My friend referred me to www.marhbabha.com where she bought a bag that is on 50% OFF. She said at first, she was afraid that we might receive a fake item since the price is very low for a branded bag, but when she received the item she was amazed to receive a bag that is original it even has original packaging. My friend was telling me to check it out and they have a low delivery charge (12 AED all over Dubai and UAE) compare to other online shops in UAE, if you don’t want to pay by card you can choose to pay cash on delivery with an additional cost of 5 AED and if you purchase 350 AED delivery charge will be free. If you buy for the first time with them you will get 10% OFF on your purchase.

I was curious of what she said so I have checked the website comparatively they have cheaper prices than the other online shops and offer great discounts. So, I tried to buy kids clothes that are on sale, the original price of the Disney and Marvel shirts is 49 AED but I paid 20 AED. I have bought a few shirts and opt to pay on COD since I just want to try it, after 2 days from placing my order. I have received the items in good condition and the same as what it was in the picture on their website and they even ask me my convenient time to deliver my order. I also got a freebie from them a fridge magnet that has their logo on it. Their delivery bag is also eco-friendly since I can reuse it when I will buy some groceries.

My experience with them is great. My friend and I always check their website to see their new items and what is on sale. We marked the items that we love to buy soon, and it is added to our accounts wish list.  Marhabha.com has given us coupon codes that we can use on our next purchase since we are a returning customer. Marhabha.com is a good choice for a smart shopper.

Check out their website!!!


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