Essential Shoes Men Should Buy in UAE

Aside from clothes, one of the most important and essential items to put on is a pair of shoes. A wrongly dressed paired of shoes will ruin the overall outlook that you want. It is very important for every man who cares about his fashion sense to care about and invest in your shoes.

Unlike clothes, you don’t have to buy many shoes. You will only need some different types of shoes for different occasion. And if you choose high-quality pairs of shoes, you can use them for a long period of time as well.

In the UAE, we have the season of summer and winter. 

 Top 6 shoe men should have in his wardrobe

Formal Shoes

Most of the companies in the UAE requires wearing formal clothes in the office. No other type of shoes can beat the black leather oxford shoesThese black shoes come with a simple design and a dark color, which all made it very easy to pair with all kinds of clothes and accessories. 

Casual Shoes


You can match brogue shoes with a different style of clothes. For example, a lighter color of brown brogues is suitable for Jeans while a darker color is suitable for suits. Provided that your working environment does not require a strict code of smart and business look, you can wear your brogues to work. With a shirt and a pair of dark denim, along with the shoes, you will look very smart and classy.

Weekend Shoes

After working for one week, you might need some time to relax in the bar or go out on a date. This is when a pair of slip-on and lace-up shoes are convenient and easy to wear. You can wear these types of shoes with a suit and a button-down shirt for a smart but still casual look.

Trainers and Running Shoes

When it comes to trainers/ running shoes, some prefer the battered and worn-in design. Running is popular for men who want to stay healthy and fit. You need a highly cushioned running shoes that will ease your feet when you are training or running on a track for low time.

Winter Shoes

When it starts to get colder in the UAE, you will need extra protection for your whole body as well as your feet. Therefore, you definitely should purchase a pair of boots for your wardrobe. Which keeps you warmth and comfort during the cold days.If you want to wear them to work, just simply pair them with tailor jackets. And in case you want to wear them to social events and outings, wear them with a pair of Jeans and t-shirts.

Beach/Summer Shoes

Flip flops make perfect sense when you’re on the beach or by the pool. But the inconvenient truth is that nobody wants to see your hairy toes and untrimmed nails anywhere else.

Overall, shoes are so important that they can be a deal-breaker- which can create a more profound impact on what you are wearing. You don’t need to buy a lot of shoes to change every day; therefore; you should invest in high quality and well-made shoes only.

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