Embrace The Fall Season

Embrace The Fall Season

The fall is here. Don’t be overwhelmed by how fast time fly! Instead, embrace it by dressing up according to the weather. With this new season opening before our eyes, we will see the noticeable changes in the color of our tree leaves.

In some places like Dubai, the tree’s leaves don’t change their colors but will notice that the summer hotness is starting to dissipate.

Now that the weather is not very hot, we can pull out some unsummery material clothing from our closets. Put two and two together and start slaying!

You don’t have any fall-slay outfits to wear? Or just have no idea what to wear? Check out some of these cool outfits available online.


I personally like this open furry sweater from MIM. This is a very cozy sweater that you can use as blazer to add to your wardrobe. This is open with no buttons in the front. The color is white which gives a vibe of cool breeze. The material is 58% Polyamide and 42% Acrylic.

This could be worn together with your day-to-day outfit of jeans and tops as shown in the picture. It will also look great with dress. In short, this blazer can come with almost everything.


As for men, I like this roll up sleeve twill button up polo. This has a very fine woven texture with a fashionable collar which looks good in you regardless of the weather. The material is 100% cotton which is very good for hot countries like Dubai. This polo can be worn together with any type of bottoms.

Do you find my two featured clothings helpful? Let’s go out and wear our fall-slay outfits!


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