Winter Clothes in UAE

When you are planning to visit or staying in the UAE during the winter season, we have listed a few items you must have. In this guide, you will have more ideas on what to wear on UAE cold days.

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Full Sleeves Shirts

Tailor your packing list to prepare for the activities you want to enjoy while in Dubai. Sand skiing or camel riding calls for rough-and-tumble outdoor wear while nightlife attire should be as chic as this cosmopolitan city.  
Full Sleeve Shirts
Business attire is pretty much the same in Dubai as in the West: dress shirt and pants with or without a tie for men. You can wear also any casual button-down shirt paired with jeans and loafers.


Jackets are the perfect addition to make your regular outfits winter-ready. Leather jackets are just the right thing for a Dubai winter, throw it over any old top you have and you’ve got an automatically styled look.


During winter, strong winds call for strong clothing. You’ve got an excuse to bulk up and wear those heavy sweaters out! 

There are way too many different kinds of sweaters for you not to be able to incorporate it into your everyday attire.


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When you plan to experience dessert Safari sand dune bashing in Dubai your bulky scarves are in, you can wrap it around your neck various ways and call it a day, or open it up and wear it like a cape. Either way, they’re cute and warm and you can put it over just about any outfit.


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Boots are a staple winter in general. Keep those safe and indoors whilst you bring out all-things leather! Patent leather boots are here for the win this season; so, strut around town in those, all while keeping your feet warm and dry. You get to play in the rain and besides, they’re easy to clean so it’s a win-win situation.

Loafers or Casual Shoes

So maybe because it isn’t actually that cold outside, you might want to skip the boots for those sneaky sunny days and wear something more breathable; loafers.

Grab some chic leather loafers and hit the streets, they’re cute, still covering your feet and comfortable to walk in.
There are plenty of places to pick up new duds if you find that you didn't pack the perfect outfit. Visit and see their winter collection. You can buy clothes, bags, and shoes online, either for men, women, kids, and babies.

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