How to make 2021 better regardless of the Pandemic

Now, it's no secret that each and every one of us are excited to step into 2021 and leave behind 2020 as far away as possible. This year has given us a lot to worry about and brought up so many buried issues to think about. But let's not forget how it also forced us to see things from a different perspective, be more aware, and grow in ways we would not otherwise have. There is a lot to hate about and be grateful about 2020; it was a bittersweet year, and if anything, it's made us stronger for the future. Wow, 2021 really has many expectations resting on its shoulder, undoubtedly, the most crucial one being free of Covid-19 and to "go back to normal." I'm sure we all have a bucket list or new year's resolution, longer than any other for the upcoming year. To travel more, to visit your family more often, to take more risks, be more adventurous, so on and so forth. All of which mostly depend on the banishment of the virus. However, here are some things you can do (or continue doing) to make the most of next year that doesn't necessarily rely on the pandemic.

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One thing that we've all noticed this year on social media, it's the incessant efforts of all our friends, family, colleagues, and even celebrities attempting to better themselves in every way possible. The lockdown gave us all free time to do a lot of activities we otherwise might not have. We've done it all, from attempting to be fit, making new cuisines, trying fun hobbies to taking online courses to add to our list of skills. It is no surprise that online classes have boomed this year, even excluding the students. Websites like LinkedIn Learning, edX, Coursera, etc., have seen millions of users benefit from their content. Various leading universities have also been delivering their expertise online either through their websites or by partnering with other sources. Which opened up a lot of opportunities to learn for all of us. However, I also understand that not everybody might have felt like doing this or that many of us attempted initially and did not bother to continue. Learning new things doesn't always have to be taking classes or courses on various topics. It can also be something as simple as discovering more about yourself. Indisputably, many of us underwent at least a small portion of 2020, where we could not define ourselves using things such as our work and social life. And I'm sure in that time, we've uncovered other ways to express ourselves. This should always remain a priority moving on to 2021.

Be More Aware of Social Issues

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If 2020 succeeded in something, it was shining the spotlight on various social issues. That we usually either conveniently forget or don't pay attention to, being consumed by other mundane problems. The primary matter relating to the pandemic is definitely the inequality in access to healthcare. This is based not only on wage and income but also on other unsettling differences such as race, employment, gender, education, and residential status. Research indicates that women, migrants, and minority ethnic groups face the most difficulties in various countries. Another issue is the disproportionate access to technology. This has inhibited many people, who are not privileged enough to have the commodity, from advancing in their work and studies and impeding human contact. The same socio-economic factors again come into play here. This is a huge concern since highly skilled and educated people will get more chances to further their education and work, gaining even more advantage over people who don't have access to the internet. (check this out). Why do we need to be aware? So that we can help them out. If not with money, then by signing petitions or by making others aware so that the responsible authorities can take the necessary actions. I've barely scratched the surface here. Please check out the links below to learn about more issues that persist and how you can help.

Support Small Businesses

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2020 has not been easy on anyone, to be honest, and for small businesses is has been no different. After taking the risk of starting a business they are so passionate about, many small business owners faced huge blows due to the pandemic and are trying to just survive (check out this link). It is really important to recognise the importance of locally owned stores to understand why we need to support them. First of all, they have helped create a lot of job opportunities for a multitude of people. They are more environmentally friendly since they do not produce or sell a large number of products, reducing the amount of packaging waste. Many independently owned stores even have biodegradable packaging. Small businesses are more authentic, creative, and provide personalised customer service. Either their products or their services are bound to be unique and fit your needs. Being more flexible and understanding, they are sure to make your shopping experience much more worth it! Many stores have gone online in the wake of the pandemic.

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