Christmas Fashion Gift Guide: for Kids


Merry Christmas everyone! We've got you covered if you're doing some last minute shopping for the little bursts of sunshines in your life. Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated holidays by kids, and we all know the reason why! Especially with the rather dull year we've all faced, it is only natural that we would want to lift up the spirits of everyone we love and care for. So here are some gift guides to simplify your life and that you can take inspiration from when you're going shopping.

For the Sophisticated Little Girls

Got a daughter or niece who is sure they have made it to the good list this christmas? Get them some of the most chic and trendy outfits. We have a selection ranging from sequined party dresses to casual denim tops. Take a look below for fashion gifts for young girls of all ages, from babies to tweens.

List of Items:

  1. Denim Dress from Old Navy
  2. Denim Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger
  3. Velcro Shoes from Elefanten
  4. Floral Dress from Gap
  5. Striped Romper from Gap
  6. Floral Dress from Fuzarka
  7. Minnie Mouse Full Sleeve Top from Disney
  8. Floral Spaghetti Dress from Gap
  9. Gladiator Sandal from Superfit
  10. Queen Elsa Full Sleeve Top from Disney
  11. Baby Tulle Dress from Gap
  12. Open Toe Sandals from Superfit
  13. Sequin Dress from Gap
  14. Baby Party Dress from Coco

For the Dashing Little Boys

Perhaps you have a son or nephew who has been deserving of an amazing gift. Check out the most cozy and comfortable outfits from various leading brands across the globe. From cardigans to boots we've got it all! Take a look below for fashion gifts for young boys of all ages, from babies to tweens.

List of Items

  1. Crew Neck T-Shirt from Ralph Lauren
  2. Lace-up Boots from Geox
  3. Shark Print T-Shirt from DNKY
  4. Open Toe Sandals from Superfit
  5. Dinosaur Printed Full Sleeve Shirt from Next
  6. Polo Shirt from Timberland
  7. Striped Cardigan from Orchestra
  8. Slip-on Shoes from Fashion
  9. Full Sleeve Polo Shirt from Timberland
  10. Fish Printed T-Shirt from Ralph Lauren
  11. 420 West Broadway Printed T-Shirt from DNKY
  12. Dinosaur Printed Full Sleeve Shirt from Next
  13. Velcro Boots from Geox
  14. Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt from Disney

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