Casual Men’s Pants for this Winter


Now that we have extensively covered jackets and tops, we can finally move on to trousers or pants. They seem like a simple article of clothing that doesn’t really require a lot of forethought, which is where many of us are wrong. In this blog, we’ll be talking about the different fits and types of pants that one has to own.


You didn’t think this list wouldn’t have jeans, did you? Denim pants are an all-year favourite for almost everyone, so it goes without saying that they are a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe, especially for the winters. As I’ve mentioned previously, make sure to own a dark wash denim with no embellishments. They are very versatile and can be worn in all casual scenarios, from a chill day out with friends to a laid-back day in the office. You might want to lose those baggy jeans that fit below the waist if you want to look extra dapper. Instead, invest in some good straight-leg ones that don’t pool at your ankle and fit you properly at the waist. Then, of course, you can experiment with denims in different washes, with embellishments, patches, rips, etc. Though they are not as versatile as the one mentioned above, they provide you space to show off your personality and be a little quirky. Pair them up with literally anything from a turtleneck or a t-shirt with boots and a coat, or a button-down shirt, blazer, and oxfords.

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This is another must-have trouser option in every man’s wardrobe. Although less casual than jeans, they are just as versatile. Made from cotton twill, they are produced in varieties of colours compared to denim pants. Hence, making them a great option if you’re looking to add colour to your outfit’s bottom half. They are a step ahead in their formality compared to jeans and are therefore totally acceptable for everyday office use. Moreover, even if you were to wear them outside the office, you’d still look more put together than in a pair of jeans. Essentially to say that they can be paired up with anything you would wear with denim pants and more. Make sure they are neither too body-hugging nor too baggy. For more formal occasions (office use), try on a fit that looks like a suit pant. As usual, it’s best to start off your collection with the more common and neutral colours such as khaki, beige, navy, and grey, since they match almost all other colours. You can then build it up by adding colours such as mustard, army green, oxblood, pastels, etc. They pair very well with anything from printed shirts and sneakers to blazers and loafers.

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Cargo Pants

Yes, cargo pants, and no, I’m not kidding! Cargo pants have been in and out of fashion for a very long time now. They were initially developed in the 1930s for military usage and are very resilient, comfortable, and extremely appropriate for harsh outdoor activities. They are characterised by their large pockets used to hold various military equipment. All this must have definitely factored into the pants’ rugged and tough look, which makes them infamously “unstylish”, right? Wrong! They are most definitely back in fashion this season. It’s just how you wear them that makes all the difference. For instance, as always, do not purchase overly baggy and loose ones. Instead, opt for a more slim and tapered option with a little bit of bulk. Another important thing is the pockets, I’d say stick with two pockets placed more close to your pelvis if you don’t carry many items. You can pair them up with t-shirts, denim jackets, sweatshirts along with boots or sneakers.

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Of course, our year long affair with comfortable clothing means that sweatpants make it to the list. They have come a long way from just being loungewear or athletic wear. Sweatpants are now considered an essential streetwear option, and honestly, I’m here for it. After all, what is there to complain about? They are both comfortable and stylish, which is unquestionably a win-win situation. Now, while they most certainly should not be worn in formal settings such as in the office, sweatpants transition quite effortlessly from chilling at home to when you’re running some errands. Wear them with a matching pair of sweatshirts, hoodies, or jackets, and you’re good to go. There is no way that you can mess this up as they are as basic and straightforward as clothes come.

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