5 Essential Winter Outerwear for Men


With winter here, it is imperative that we talk about how to keep us looking warm and stylish. From sweatshirts to leather jackets, let’s go through some of the most essential and fundamental outerwear you will need to keep you company this season.



We have all been having a long-standing affair with comfortable and casual clothing in 2020. So what better to start out the list with other than sweatshirts? There is a reason why sweatshirts have been popular since the 1920s. They are preppy and simple yet very chic and versatile. Sweatshirts can easily transition from athleisure to streetwear to smart casual, depending on the colours, patterns, and fit. Yet another garment that has its beginnings rooted in sports, sweatshirts have now become a wardrobe staple during the autumn and winter. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt; they are like casual crew-neck t-shirts, only thicker and with long sleeves. Choose a well-fitted piece and layer it on top of a button-down shirt, chino pants, and derby for a semi-formal outfit. Throw on a  little loose-fitted sweatshirt with joggers and sneakers for an effortless athleisure look and a colourful and oversized sweatshirt for streetwear. You can always layer on coats and jackets during the colder days.

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Now, I am aware that they are essentially just sweatshirts with hoods, but I thought they deserved their own section. Only because I personally don’t think they are as versatile as a crew neck sweatshirt. I refuse to accept them as office appropriate, unless, of course, if your workplace has no dress code. Hoodies are more edgy and relaxed than their non-hooded counterparts and are best suited for casual to streetwear. Although you can see variations of hoods since medieval times, the hooded sweatshirt was created in the 1930s and popularised by mainstream media through the hip-hop culture. The styling would be done similar to the sweatshirts. Fitted hoodies with more sombre and neutral colours can be paired with denim pants or chinos for a casual look. Whereas bright coloured or wildly patterned ones would be perfect for streetwear. Complete your outfits with appropriate sneakers and a coat or jacket to keep you extra warm.

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Leather Jacket


Everyone loves a good leather jacket, right? I mean, they instantly elevate your winter outfit by adding the perfect amount of style, mystery, and ruggedness. It is guaranteed to bring out the inner badass in everybody, hence being a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe regardless of age and gender. The most versatile colours being black and brown, can be paired with almost anything. However, with its ever-rising popularity, various colours, patterns, and even embellishments are available in the stores right now. Keep it effortlessly casual by pairing a leather jacket with jeans, a t-shirt, and Chelsea boots. For an edgier option, try on distressed denim and funky sneakers. You can even ramp up your athleisure during winter by pairing it up with a biker leather jacket. Hell, they even look good with a button-down shirt and pants! Then, of course, you can also wear them over funky streetwear outfits. The best part is leather jackets transition very well from day to night. Guys, trust me, I’ll repeat it again, leather jackets are a must-have!

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Bomber Jacket


As many of us are aware, bomber jackets have their roots in the military. Just like any other piece of clothing, they started off to fulfil practical needs. Their primary purpose was to keep fighter pilots warm during World War 1 since they didn’t have a temperature-regulated cockpit, as we now have. They paved their way into the consumer market by popular demand due to how chic and dapper they looked. Since then, they have only risen in popularity due to movie stars and musicians incessantly using them. Initially created with leather, they are also produced with other materials such as nylon, wool, polyester, and many more. Their high demand has also made them available in a vast range of styles, colours, prints, etc. Yet another versatile piece, they can be effortlessly paired up with almost anything from smart casuals to streetwear. Try a neutral leather bomber jacket for smart casuals, a non-leather variety for a day or night out with friends, and finally, the funky printed ones for edgy streetwear.

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Track Jacket


The ultimate jacket for all the athletic wear and athleisure enthusiasts! Honestly, they should be everybody’s favourite. They are an exceedingly popular streetwear option. They are comfortable, lightweight, and colourful (don’t worry, there are plenty of neutral ones too) while being extremely on-trend and stylish. Years ago, they were popularly associated with school bullies and “bad guys.” But since then, they have come a long way in the fashion industry now. From sports labels like Adidas and Nike to high fashion brands such as Gucci, everybody is mass producing these garments. There is nothing more to talk about them since they make a statement for themselves. Easy to layer and easy to wear, you should definitely consider having a pair or two in your closet. The only thing to think about is if you’ll pair them with a matching pair of track pants or denim jeans.

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