What Happens After Valentines Day

What Happens After Valentines Day in UAE?

On February 14th many people are exchanging gifts, giving flowers and chocolates to friends, family, and special ones. On this day you can feel and see that love is really on the air. People are showing affection toward one another. Have you asked yourselves what happens after February 14th? Do people become less affectionate to one another or stop being extra cheesy? Let's find out what are the common things people do after Valentine's day. Let us see the list of what people usually do after Valentine's Day in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

After the Dubai Shopping Festival, a new festival will be celebrated from February 21 to March 14, 2020. The emirate of Dubai will be celebrating Dubai Food Festival.  

The Dubai Food Festival is a celebration of all dishes that suit every person's taste buds.  Take a bite out of the city's diverse food offered around the metro. Jam-packed tempting food that you will surely indulge. Food trucks around the beachside with music and kid's play areas are offered during this Festival. Not only that on the event areas some local entrepreneurs show their products and over the crowd with amazing offers. Food always brings a family together, experience international cuisines with your family with wallet-friendly Hidden Gems. 

Dubai is known for its grandest offers in terms of sale. Even the Dubai shopping festival is over, Dubai shops still have their perks on giving huge discounts every weekend or at the end of the month.

Part Sale is always a common sale in the region. At the end of the month stores usually offers 25% to 75% off on selected items or all the items in-store. Not only physical stores give offers that can wow customers. Online shopping in Dubai offers more discounts it offers 30% to 90% off on the items. 



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