Valentine's Day Plan

Today many people are rushing to buy gifts and call flower shops to arrange flowers, book brunch, and dinners at restaurants or hotels. Some plan an out of town trip. 

How about you what are your Valentine's day plan? Many ideas are popping in your head, right?
But first, let us know the real meaning of Valentine's day and its history. 

The month of February is celebrated in many countries around the world as Love Month and on February 14th  we celebrate Valentine's day but how exactly did this loved-up holiday come about?
If like many people, the only thing you know is that it’s associated somehow with a mysterious Saint Valentine, there’s plenty more you must know.
What is the story of Valentine's Day?
Valentine’s Day, also called St. Valentine’s Dayholiday (February 14) when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. The holiday has origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The festival, which celebrated the coming of spring, included fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery. At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day. It came to be celebrated as a day of romance from about the 14th century.
Although there were several Christian martyrs named Valentine, the day may have taken its name from a priest who was martyred about 270 CE by the emperor Claudius II Gothicus. According to legend, the priest signed a letter “from your Valentine” to his jailer’s daughter, whom he had befriended and, by some accounts, healed from blindness. Other accounts hold that it was St. Valentine of Terni, a bishop, for whom the holiday was named, though it is possible the two saints were actually one person. Another common legend states that St. Valentine defied the emperor’s orders and secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war. It is for this reason that his feast day is associated with love.
Why we celebrate Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day is celebrated in most countries, different cultures have developed their own traditions for this festival. In some parts of the world, Valentine's Day is observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends, rather than that of romantic couples. Some traditions include leaving lollies and gifts for children and others include acts of appreciation between friends.

Valentine's Day is most commonly associated with romantic love, with millions of Valentine's Day cards being exchanged each year. Gifts of flowers or a single red rose are sent with romantic messages to loved ones and couples spend a special time together. 
Valentine's Day Symbols
The practice of sending love messages developed into people sending special cards expressing their affection. These cards were beautiful creations handmade by the sender and individually designed to show how much they loved the recipient. Cards would usually contain sentimental verse, proclaiming the beauty of the receiver and how much they were loved.
Saint Valentine's Day cards were decorated with pictures of cupid, hearts, and flowers and trimmed with lace and ribbon. These images are still used today to symbolize love and are recognized all over the world.
How the UAE celebrate Valentine's Day?

Romantic Lunch/Dinner 

  • Fine Dining

          Dubai is known for skyscraper views. Many hotels in the UAE have a breathtaking view of the sunset and the city lights perfect for a romantic dinner with your special one.
  • Dhow Cruise
  A dhow cruise happens on a traditional dhow that has been transformed into a restaurant. The Arabic dhow vessels were used for transportation in the bygone days. Although the wooden dhow vessels, which usually have two decks, look like sophisticated fine dining restaurants, they still have an old-world charm and reflect the Bedouin culture of the past. 
  • Sky Dining

          Feast on a 3-course meal of your choice 50 meters above the streets of Dubai, and enjoy a unique dining experience in the sky! Eat at a table suspended by a crane above the city, and get panoramic views of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and more.

Movie Time

  • Indoor

          Cinemas around the UAE are a go-to place of the residents its either with family, friends and special ones.
  • Outdoor

          In the UAE outdoor cinema is becoming popular. In Dubai, it offers 9 outdoor cinemas that are a must-try for go-ahead search the locations of the outdoor cinema's available near your place.


          Dubai is known for its extravaganza shopping festivals. Many people travel to Dubai for specific periods to enjoy the shopping spree. On Valentine's day still, many shops and malls celebrate the festival by giving huge discounts to their avid shoppers. Online shopping in Dubai also offers this kind of promotion and even gives's giveaways if you reached a certain amount.

Outdoor Activities

  • Beach


For warm sunshine, seaside dining and family fun, Dubai has a variety of stunning beaches to enrich your holiday experience. Enjoy the crystal waters off Kite Beach, snap a selfie in front of the Burj Al Arab hotel, or shop around at one of Dubai’s new shoreline districts. Sun, sand, clear skies and blue water – find your perfect beach and create some incredible memories.

  • Desert Safari  

Desert Safari Dubai specializes in tours of the vast and spectacular desert in the UAE. Catch a stunning view of the orange sunset in one of Dubai’s most adventurous activities.

In the UAE you still think a lot of options on how to celebrate the valentines with your loved ones, it will only differ on what kind of activity you are in to.



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