Top 5 Exciting Sales to look forward to in 2021

Hello all passionate shoppers! As a fellow shopping enthusiast, I have to confess that nothing cheers me up better than a good discount. Here's a list of the 5 most thrilling sales in Dubai that you should keep a lookout for!

Dubai Shopping Festival

As all of us who have been living in the UAE are well aware, each New Year starts with one of the most exciting events of the year, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). First launched in 1996, as a means to increase trade in Dubai, it has now been endorsed as a tourist attraction. Ever-increasing in its popularity and ability to attract people from all over the world, the event spans over a couple of weeks. As the name suggests, the main appeal of the event is undoubtedly the gripping discounts offered by many shops, including well-known brands. However, apart from these invigorating promotions, the festival also hosts various electrifying entertainment and activities. DSF organises concerts, fashion shows, art exhibitions, etc., with some of the most celebrated artists from around the globe. Extravagant displays such as 'the world's longest and heaviest gold chain', 'the world's longest sofa', 'longest continuous watercolour painting' amongst a multitude of others have only increased the curiosity of the millions of visitors each year. Visiting the Global Village and the firework display are some of the most favourite things to do amongst the residents with their family. The latest edition of the event runs from December 17th, 2020 to January 30th, 2021.

Dubai Summer Surprises

After DSF, the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is undoubtedly the most celebrated time for avid shoppers. While many residents of Dubai escape the region's unbearable heat by going on vacations to more pleasant places, the DSS is a relief for ones that stay behind. Similar to the DSF, the DSS is also mainly focused on presenting the residents and tourists with the best shopping experience by providing them the most jaw-dropping offers, thrilling contests, and shop-and-win campaigns. Although shopping takes the centre-stage, this summer gala is also packed with additional thrilling components such as compelling deals for leisure and entertainment enthusiasts, exhibitions, concerts, and other fun activities. Hence making it the perfect period for enjoying quality time with your family and friends who have various interests (taking into consideration the weather, of course). You can take them shopping to different malls, get your adrenaline pumped by having a blast in one of the theme parks, enjoy the cinema, have a relaxing spa or staycation at one of the hotels, and many more, all on a budget! Don't miss out on it this year; it lasts from 24th June to 4th September 2021.

Eid Sales

Being a Muslim country, Eid celebrations in the UAE are as grand as it can get. The massive shopping sales are an addition to the various religious practices and commemorations for the festival. The occasion witnessed many people buying gifts for their loved ones and themselves as part of the celebrations. So what better time enjoy the benefits of discounts on all sorts of retail products? Additionally, the country also hosts events that highlight the various Emirati customs and traditions. Make sure to check them out along with the fun sales lasting from 19th to 24th July 2021.

Dubai Home Festival

This is one of the most recent sales to ensue and is reserved exclusively for home furnishings and décor products. It was initiated to promote the interior designing and homeware sectors in Dubai. Providing designers and innovators an excellent platform to exhibit their talents and hard work. It is definitely one of the best time to renovate your living space and start home improvement projects with all the fantastic offers and discounts. I am sure that after such long periods of staying indoors, almost everybody would like to update some aspect of their houses. This year the event lasts from September 19th to September 30th, 2021.

Diwali Sales

Diwali is one of the most celebrated Indian festivals. Also known as the festival of light, it symbolises the triumph of good over evil or knowledge over ignorance, or of light over dark. It is also positively associated with prosperity, which is why many believers think it an auspicious time to buy new items, mainly gold and other jewellery. Therefore, the festival is widely associated with twinkling lights, firecrackers, offerings, and gift-giving. Many shops across the nation, especially Indian stores and jewellery stores,  have fabulous sales to attract customers. It is the perfect time to visit ethnic shops and explore the traditions of the Indian subcontinent. This year the sale period is from October 29th to November 13th, 2021.

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