Summer During the Covid-19 Pandemic

                                Summer During the Covid-19 Pandemic

When someone says the word summer, what are the things you have in mind?
Many would say summer is beach days and outings. Chillin' in the shore under the heat of the sun, sipping your cold drink. Swimming in clear water or walking towards spring or falls. Summer is the time most of us look forward too. This year a pandemic has strike around the world forces leaders to close public areas to avoid mass gatherings for the safety of the residents.

This virus has a huge impact on the economy and humans health. On how people live daily dealing with COVID-19. We have seen the cycle has change people are working from home, online classes and graduations,  malls and other recreational activities have closed. People have been online shopping to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, and groceries. offers an extra 10% off when you pay using a card.

In UAE the government has implemented curfews and moving restrictions for the past months. Recently they have been slowly opening the public areas, malls, and offices yet all are subject to restrictions. All should be wearing a mask and gloves (optional). Establishments should disinfect common areas and provide sanitizers. Social distancing should be strictly followed.

How does the summer in UAE change?

It will be changed by how people go out to enjoy the summer heat. The number of people going out will be limited. Malls will not be jammed pack with visitors. No must visitors and traveling will happen. Restrictions will be implemented to ensure safety.

We have listed some of the precaution measures in the UAE. 

Wearing Mask at all times during you are outside your residents

Limitation of capacity on establishments

Public gatherings are limited to 5 persons 

Kids with the age of 12 yrs old below and adults that are 60 yrs old up are not allowed to enter malls and other recreational activity areas

Curfew from 10:00pm to 6:am 


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