Everyone Loves Free Shipping

Free Shipping starts now! No minimums.  No coupon required. Everyone loves those phrases, especially when they are doing online shopping in Dubai. Many people are hoping that they will not pay extra charges when they buy. When they hear FREE SHIPPING customers are overjoyed. 


The process of transporting an item, usually through the mail. Shipping is a very basic, common way of getting an item from one place to another, or from one person to another without paying any cost to ship the item.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/shipping.html


There are various ways to avail free shipping;

  • Free shipping, no qualifications. Buy anything, and it gets shipped to you for free. No limitations.
  • Free shipping if you’re a member. If you join the merchant’s club, only then do you qualify for free shipping.
  • Free shipping if you spend enough money. Some merchants provide a minimum order. If you spend above a specified amount, you qualify for free shipping.
  • Free shipping if you buy the right stuff. With this approach, buyers qualify for free shipping only when they purchase selected items.
  • Free shipping if you have it shipped to a brick-and-mortar store. This pseudo-free shipping lets you have products shipped sans cost to the store, ideally serving as a double carrot to get you to spend more.
  • Free shipping if you buy before a certain time or during a certain time. Many free shipping promotions are constrained by time, meaning that you have to buy during a certain promotion in order to qualify.


Most online E-commerce websites in the UAE provide Free Delivery/Shipping within the UAE City Limits, which usually come with a minimum spend ranging from AED 0 - AED 200. If the minimum spend isn't purchased delivery fees usually range from AED 10 - AED 20 within UAE City Limits and AED 35 - AED 55 Outside the City Limits
We have used the following websites:
Souq is now Amazon.ae - Normally provides free shipping on orders above AED 100.00
http://www.noon.com - Normally provides free shipping on orders above AED 100.00
Online Shopping in UAE - Normally provides free shipping on orders above AED 100.00
There is one online shopping website in Dubai that I think stood out from the rest - the site is MARHABHA (https://www.marhabha.com). NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED. NO COUPON REQUIRED.

The products they offer include bags, dress, shoes, sandals, sweatshirts, hoodies, and many more! The website is only selling products from original brands and is proclaiming that they have the lowest prices in the market. They indeed offer free shipping across UAE with no minimum spend.


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