As the online stores grow popular, consumers choose to change how they shop for convenience. You can buy any stuff you like to wear without going to the physical stores. As we grow to understand how online shopping works, some of us became doubtful if we’ve chosen the right size. One of the common size mistakes that people has is their shoe size. But that didn’t stop us from buying shoes online. So how do you reduce the risk of choosing the wrong size and get the perfect size?

Measure Foot Size

Foot Length

The most important thing in buying shoes online is by measuring the length of your foot. You can measure yourself in centimeters and make it as a basis with the available sizes online.


The Shape of the Shoe and your Foot

Another important factor is to know the footwear model that will fit to the shape of your foot. If you wish to buy a pointed shoes, you should choose a larger size for the model itself is smaller.

Half Sizes Foot

Half Sizes

If you are one those people with half-sized foot, choose a brand that feature half sizes. Choosing bigger size might not be a good idea and choosing something smaller might also be uncomfortable.


Something that you have to consider is also the season. People says that during summer, our feet are often larger for they became swollen. If you’re looking for a shoe to wear during cold weather, consider getting a larger size for squeezed foot gets cold much faster.

Here is a size chart from Marhabha store that you can check and compare with your size.
Women Shoe Size
Men Shoe SizeYouth Shoe Size
Kids Shoe Size
Infant Shoe Size


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