5 Awesome Services Provided By Marhabha

I think we can all agree that while online shopping has become extremely popular, we still have our doubts every now and then. Especially while purchasing from a new website, our concerns are only prone to rise further, which is only natural. Apart from the products, the company's intangible services also add a great deal to the overall experience of shopping. Marhabha is an online shopping store in UAE that takes pride in the services we provide to ensure our customers' maximum satisfaction. Here are the top 5 services guaranteed to make your purchases with Marhabha much more than satisfactory.

Free Shipping within the UAE

Free Shipping UAE
This is most easily the service that sets us apart from majority of the other online retail stores. If you want your order delivered anywhere in the UAE, then you don't have to pay for shipping at all. How convenient! While many companies have a similar offer, the customers are required to reach a certain amount before the shipping is free. For instance, some stores provide free shipping for orders above 100 AED, while others offer the service for orders above 150 AED. However, at Marhabha, we provide free delivery regardless of the amount you spend with us. Want to purchase only 50 Dirhams worth item? No problem, free delivery. Purchased something worth 500 Dirhams, free delivery for you too! Our in-house delivery team also ensures that your orders are delivered within 2-3 working days. For more details on shipping and delivery, please visit here.

25% OFF on Card Payments

Card Payment Discount

Another service that many of our customers value and appreciate is the 25% discount on card payments. Pretty self-explanatory; if you choose to pay by card, you get an added discount even during sale periods. Be it clearance sales, coupons, deal of the day, or any other major sales, we make sure to reward our customers for their trust. Not to place a value on such a sentiment, but it definitely should not go unrewarded.

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery
As we reward our card payers, we make sure not to punish our cash on delivery customers. It can be a nuisance when you have to pay extra for choosing a mode of payment that you feel comfortable with. As many of you might already be aware, online retail outlets ask customers to pay around 10-20 Dirhams extra for this service. Others entirely omit this mode of transaction. Which we do not find to be very fair; after all, trust builds up over time, and we are ready to wait. So go ahead and try out our items without causing a dent in your wallets.

Proper Quality Control

Quality Assurance

We ensure that all our products are checked thoroughly before we dispatch them to the respective purchasers. Being a small local business, we do this quality check ourselves and only deliver the products if we are 100% positive that the items do not have any imperfections. If we find any defects, we inform our customers, after which we either refund or exchange the items, as per the customers' request. We place customer satisfaction as our number one priority and try to eliminate all kinds of doubts regarding our products' genuineness.

Fair Return and Refund Policies

Return and Refund Policy

Although we take necessary precautions to assure maximum customer satisfaction, we can't claim to be perfect. It may happen that the customers are not satisfied with the product due to some reason. We would then like to make it as easy as possible to return the products either for exchange or refund. Our policies on this matter are very straightforward. Email us within 7 days of the delivery stating your reason for returning the product, and we will process your request. This also stands true for last-minute cancelations. However, there are certain terms and conditions for this process, such as the original packaging, labels, tags, etc. should be intact; in other words, the item must not be used. Moreover, due to hygiene concerns, items such as underwear, lingerie, socks, etc., cannot be returned. Check out this page for more information.

These compelling services, such as free shipping in UAE, cash on delivery without any charge, 25% discount for card payment, etc., makes shopping online in UAE very easy. Apart from this, Marhabha aims is to provide its customers with accessibility to authentic imported brands at a more affordable price. Additionally, we also produce products consisting predominantly of high-quality leather goods sourced from India, under the brand name of Uxurious.

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